Everything that you need to know about erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED in short. This is a condition where the patient is unable to achieve an erection. The person affected can also fail to keep an erection strong. Even when they manage to erect, sometimes it cannot stay for long before the firmness disappears. Many men are now affected by erectile dysfunction. Sometimes ED is called impotence. When men are stressed, ED is likely to happen. Although this can happen from time to time, frequent ED experiences can be cause for alarm. ED can also be a sign that there are medication conditions that need treatment in a person. For some, ED is a sign of emotional struggle or relationship issues. When you discover that you are having difficulties in achieving an erection, it is better if you saw a professional for special help or consider using superkamagra.

The process of achieving an erection and how ED can occur?

Erectile dysfunction can occur to anyone. It can happen because of problems experienced at stages in the erection process. An erection occurs because of an increase in the rate of blood flow to the penis. Blood flow to the penis can be stimulated by having sexual thoughts or through direct contact with the penis. When a man has sexual thoughts and gets excited, the penis muscles will automatically relax. This relaxation is what encourages blood flow through a man’s penile arteries. Increased blood flow to the penis makes it possible for the two chambers to be filled. When that happens, the penis automatically grows rigid. An erection can end when the penis muscle contracts and the accumulated blood flows out of the two chambers through the help of the penile veins. If blood does not circulate well or reach the penis, it can be very hard to achieve an erection. To solve the ED problem, cenforceis the solution

What can cause ED?

Many things can cause ED. The causes of ED can be emotional or physical. Some of the common causes of EC include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, low testosterone levels, kidney problems, increase in age, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sleep disorder, drug use, damages to the pelvic area and consuming too much alcohol. Some of the causes of ED can be controlled through a change in lifestyle and others must be treated through medication.

How can the ED be treated?

There are different types of ED treatment depending on the underlying cause. You may need to use a combination of medical treatment or consider therapy. When you realize that you are having trouble achieving an erection, you should consider talking to your doctor at once. Your doctor might prescribe drugs that can help you in managing the ED symptoms. The doctor can also help you try out different types of medication before you find one that will suit you.

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