gray hair camouflage.what is it

Every man sooner or later faces the problem of graying his hair. And although it is generally accepted that men’s gray hair is an indicator of wisdom and life experience, many men would like to get rid of it, as a clear sign of aging. Today, it is easier to do it than ever with the help of a simple camouflage hair procedure. How this manipulation is performed? How does it differ from the ordinary staining? Let’s figure out.

Gray hair camouflage is an instant gray hair masking procedure for men. With its help men can get rid of the “wise” gray hair and at the same time not be considered as metrosexual guy, since camouflage hair, unlike dyeing, does not change the color of the hair, but only muffles the gray shade. As a result, the man becomes noticeably younger, but there are noradical changes in appearance.

The developers of this procedure did everything to please men.

Firstly, camouflage hair allows you to get a natural color in Midtown Barbershop.

Secondly, growing roots will not be visible due to the characteristics of the dye, which is used for this procedure.

Thirdly, gray hair camouflage takes no more than 10 minutes, and we all know how men don’t like to spend a lot of time in beauty salons. That is why more and more representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer this procedure.

Camouflage dyes have a gel-like structure and a pleasant smell, and due to their low alkalinity, they only interact with oxidizing agents, which contain a minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, such dyes do not have influence on the hair structure, displacing the natural pigment. They only slightly loosen the hair, pushing the coloring pigment into the outer layers. Thus, it is possible to achieve heterogeneity of shades and create the appearance of a natural color.

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