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Marseille is also referred to as massalia. It’s the most widely used city within the France using the population of approximately 14, 20,000 urban peoples. There’s France’s largest commercial port within the Marseille and third largest metropolitan area within the France. Marseille is found on the east price of the France. As with the Paris and Lyon it’s split into municipal arrondissements. Marseille has 16 municipal arrondissements within the city. And they all have its councils there are approximately 303 councils within the city.

The final municipal elections are carried out in 2008. Marseille has split into cantons also and it has 25 cantons with person in general councils. The name European capital of culture can also be provided to Marseille. The training system of Marseille is excellent because there are three universities within the Marseille named as college de Provence aix Marseille I, en mediterrranee aix Marseille II, paul cezanne aix Marseille III.

Weather so when to go to

The weather of Marseille is split into different seasons like summer time, winters etc. In summers the temperatures are about 27c to 30c, and temperature may increase in the month of This summer and august. Both of these several weeks would be the hottest several weeks within the summer time. Within the winters the temperatures are about 9c to 10c within the month of December and The month of january. France can also be noted for mistral, it’s a strong and cold wind. Which will come from valleys of Rhône and Durance River and also the average speed of wind is all about 50 km each hour. Summer time months are also known as holiday/best season to go to the Marseille, the month from This summer to September are the most useful several weeks to go to.

Top Attractions

There are lots of theatres within the Marseille named as la criee, la gymnase and tourskey. There are lots of arts and literatures. Among the music hall “The Alcazar” established fact.

Opera house- it’s situated at the old port. It’s also historic spot to visit in 1919 it had been almost completely destroyed through the fire. But later it had been reconstructed in art deco style. Each year there are approximately 6 or 7 stages of opera are locked in Marseille.

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