Rip Out and Re-Build – Home Improvements For 2010

There are many ways we can improve our homes, both with regards to the property value and how comfortable and happy you are with it. There are small improvements such as redecorating which can breathe a breath of fresh air to your surroundings but there are other home improvements that can have a greater effect on your home.

Larger home improvements include getting extensions or conservatories built and kitchen or bathrooms refitting. These improvements may fix problems with the home such as a dividing wall that you feel is making your rooms feel cramped. Getting major restructuring and renovations done can modernise and customise your home to your tastes but added work like this can also add some serious figures onto your property value.

The main draw for getting new kitchens or new bathrooms has been the customisation you can exact on the designs, adding appliances or features that you’ve always wanted or need. Kitchens are one aspect that has plenty of potential and scope for new ideas such as built in appliances, wine coolers, soft closing cupboards and drawers and chef styled cookers.

Bathrooms are similar, there are many modern baths, sinks and shower setups that have become very popular, one quirky addition to some bathrooms is a steam room which people have had fitted in their showers there are even bathrooms that have been converted to become wet rooms.

These two types of home improvements can be designed so that they all go together or follow the same style. In most cases you will only need to hire a designer and they can handle all of the details for you. They can present you with design ideas they may have and you can select or customise them yourself.

Building an extension or a conservatory can be a similarly large project, planning permission is required if you want to extend your property as in some cases you may not be permitted to extend such as being too close to a road. There is a certain percentage of your property’s overall size that you can extend without needing planning permission from your local council although this may have already been used up by previous work completed.

With all the workers and fitters on the market you may need to keep a track of which ones are reliable and up to the task, you can do this by checking any customer reviews or finding out who had done the work at a friend or family member’s home. They’ll be able to recommend or warn you about any fitters that have done work for them and you’re going to get an honest answer.

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