Which is the best type of van to purchase for your business?

8 Most Recommended Cargo Vans by Professionals

We feature different van models on our SWB Van Hire website that we hire to our customers. However, many of our customers don’t know which type of van would be right for their business? When it comes to deciding the latter, many things have to be put into considerations. Some customers business models will suit crew vans, box vans, cargo vans, and more. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a van for your business. The elements were derived from box van and panel van but will suit most of the other types of vans.

Consider load space and insulation

Load space and insulation are one of the factors that differentiate panel van from a box van and other types of vans. When we use the latter Automatic Van Hire variety of vans, you will note that panel vans have a load space that curves upwards suitable for business that carries bigger loads. Box van, on the other hand, has a load space that is user friendly perfect for a business that wants to erect shelves or racks on the vans. Therefore, you can either choose a box van or a panel van based on how much space your business wants. Understandably, crew van also has a lesser load space but a much more seating capacity. 

Consider door configurations of the different vans.

Vans come with different door configurations. Manufacturers of these vans make them based on the purposes they will serve. Therefore, depending on the business you want, you will choose a van type with suitable door configurations; for example, panel vans have their door configuration on their panel to suit their business purpose. Box vans, on the other hand, are made with much more flexibility on the back door configurations. It is something that provides more freedom for the business to customize their vans for their purpose. 

Consider size and weight when choosing a van for your business. 

Understandably, if your business will be carrying much weight, then you will go for a type of van whose body structure and design can accommodate the load. For example, if you choose a panel van for your business, your maximum carrying capacity would be 3.5 tones for maximum functionality. Carrying weight that exceeds it could lead to damages of your trailer. On the other hand, other types of vans such as box van and crew van, are not a subject to weight strictness due to the nature of their design. Therefore a business that carries items of much weight would be better-suited sing box van, cargo van, and not crew van. When considering size and weight, it is also essential to find the height of the van from the ground as it is something that will determine efficient loading and offloading of items. Enclosed vans will also be suitable for carrying and transportation of objects regardless of their weight. 

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