Variations of online Baccarat, an overview

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the most played online casino games that is gaining popularity in South Africa. If you search the best online casinos South Africayou will get the best sites that offer a variety of casino games. Baccarat will present in all these sites because of its reach. Baccarat is a simple card comparison game that can include many players for a hand with one dealer. You can practice the game using free online casino in South Africa. There are three main variations of the game. These three variations are listed in brief in this article.

Variations of Online Baccarat

Chemin de fer

In this game, a player will be a banker and one player among others will be the representative of the non-banker group. Two cards will be dealt with between the banker and the representative. When either of the two gets a total of eight or nine, the winner is announced. The wagering amount returns to the players if the representative wins and goes to the bank if the banker wins.

Baccarat Banque

In Baccarat Banque, the banking position is fixed. A Baccarat Banque shoe will consist of three shuffled card decks. The banker will be any player who is ready to risk more money. The rules of the game are the same as that of the Chemin de fer. Here also, the players and the banker will deal with cards to get a total of eight or nine. The difference is, instead of only one representative of the group, here the banker will play with two groups of five members each on his left and right. 

  • The croupier will shuffle the cards 
  • The banker will take two cards, give each one for the player to his right and left and places one for himself
  • The banker does the same once again
  • The dealt cards will face up and the three players will check for the total
  • If the total is eight or nine, the coup completes
  • If not, then the decision of either accepting the third card or standing by will take place
  • As long as the players win or make a tie, they can have the cards and continue to play
  • Once a player loses a hand, then the cards will pass on to the next player to him
  • Any player can “Go Bank” in the middle of the game by betting the current bank amount
  • The player going bank must play one hand completely and then can retire any time
  • The player who is willing to “Go bank” will then acquire the position by placing the current amount in the bank

Punto Banco

It is also known as American Baccarat. The casino always acts as the bank in this game. There will be no association between the house and the bank or the player and the playing hand. Both of the hands will be dealt with by a dealer and the results will decide the winner. The coup will end when either the bank or the player gets a total of eight.

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