Frequently asked questions about iPhones

At the iPhone Repair, there are many questions that the clients ask the repair experts and they might be of help to you. Go through the questions and answers and share the same with your friends and relatives who own iPhones.

Which iPhone is the best when it comes to battery life?

Because they have more efficient A13 processors, the iPhone 11, the 11 Pro, as well as the 11 Pro Max tend to have the battery life that is longest in the range of the Apple iPhones.  Of the three models, the 11 Pro 6.5 inch iPhone tends to have the most extended life as it has a space for a larger battery.  You can be offered up to 20 hours of video playback, 80 hours of doing audio playback, and a cool 12 hours of having to stream video playback.

If you compare, the iPhone 11 Pro is the one that offers 11 hours of streaming video playback, 18 hours video playback, and audio playback of about 65 hours. The iPhone 11, which is the most affordable of the pack, will give you video streaming for about 10 hours, video playback of about 17 hours, and audio playback of about 65 hours.

Which iPhone has a touch ID?

According to iPhone Repair experts, f you are looking for an iPhone that has a Touch ID, then your only option will be to go for the 2020 iPhone SE. In 2017, Apple stopped the use of Touch ID on its flagship iPhones.  The 2018 and 2019 lineups for iPhones didn’t include a Touch ID iPhone that is updated.

To make the phone affordable, the iPhone SE has a Touch ID instead of the face ID. It is a great feature, mostly if you prefer to use the fingerprint sensor instead of face recognition.

Which iPhone has more features?

If you are in search for an iPhone that has several features, then check out the iPhone 11 Pro as well as the  11 Pro Max. If you compare with the iPhone 11 the Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro has an OLED display, a glass body that has stainless steel, a triple-lens camera, has a better resistance for the water of about 30 minutes or four-meter deep.  Its storage is also to maximum capacity and has longer battery life.

Which iPhone has the best value?

As per the iPhone Repair professional analysis, it seems to be a tie between the iPhone 11 SE and iPhone 11. There are great features that were introduced by Apple in the iPhone 11 while still making the iPhone affordable. It is even much cheaper if you are making a trade-in.

The set up for iPhone 11 Pro is the same as that of iPhone 11 when it comes to the camera. They are both super-efficient, super-fast A13 chip with a RAM of 4GB. Their battery life is incredible, and both also have the same camera system that has a TrueDepth with a Face ID, coming with a range of colours.

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