Chief things to do japan for An Unforgettable Experience

If you ever want to visit a place that will offer a perfect combination of tranquil bliss and quirky chaos, then Japan is the ideal place. You can enjoy the raw form of Nature as well as the most advanced application of robotic technology in the same country. There is an unending list of the things to do in japanand you might need to visit more than once to check them all out. After all, no other country will offer you the spectacular view of the monkeys in the hot springs to the dancing robots in the science museums. To know about the things that should be on the must-do list. 


Japan is an island county with an interesting balance between crowded cities and places of solitude. If you love Nature and hiking is your passion, then the country has much to offer. The Kumano Kodo trail is not having the same hype as that of Camino de Santiago of Spain. But the two are just the siblings. The Japanese Kumano Kodo is the ancient pilgrimage trail. It weaves through the tiny villages and the remote mountains where you can also stay overnight in the traditional guesthouses. The trail offers some of the glorious views of the country.

Soaking in the onsen

The hot springs with bathing facilities are the Japanese onsens. Due to a lot of volcanic activities in the island country, Japan has become the abode for many onsens. The outdoor onsens have become the favorites of the tourists as you would love to soak in the warm water and look at the majestic snowy mountains. You can also enjoy soaking in this sento, which is the indoor bathing facility. But it does not use the heated water from geothermal activities. The winter visit to Japan is incomplete without taking a dip in the onsen or even the natural hoy s

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