Portable Blenders with SmartBlend

Presently in the 21st century our lives have become so demandingly fast that we need to multi task while running for some important job. If it is food it is take away, if it is shopping it is delivered home, if it is a call it is kept under 30 seconds so why not use the devices that are portable? Portable blenders in this respect is a dream come true for gym-goers and others on a tight schedule. Smart blend is providing you with an excellent opportunity to fill in the “hard to find excuse” all the while making your life easier with the efficient use a small, quick and above all portable blender. It has removed a heavy time excuse from your life and makes sure you get your proper calories anywhere and anytime. Want to know more? Stick till the end!

Product description

Some of the physical features of the blender are as follows:

  1. Magnetic induction switch
  2. Rubber cushion
  3. 2A or below 2A adapters
  4. USB port
  5. Power bank
  6. Rubber holder lid
  7. Filter

Note-worthy Features

SmartBlend’s portable blender has the most exquisite features that increases its popularity. One among many are its stylish outlook and multiple color range. Looks are absolutely meaningless if you are purchasing machinery, but when it comes to portable blenders, they can certainly come in handy for cuteness can be a reason to buy these blenders. For this reason SmartBlend gives its buyers the color options of black, blue, green, purple and pink. In addition to these a ‘limited edition’ red color is also available now.

It is no secret that no one, especially women, like to pull out a bulky, plain looking blender out of their bag. Enters SmartBlend. Its designs are not only modern and convenient but rather extraordinarily startling too, so you’ll have absolutely no reason to hide it from people out of sheer embarrassment.

Portability is one of the best things of this blender. You can have it anywhere with you and follow your routine diet.


At office you seldom find time to eat. So here with SmartBlend make your meals convenient. And frankly speaking it will add a little color to your dull and monotonous office.


Working out is hard but what is harder is getting the right protein shake at the right time just after flexing your muscles. So carry SmartBland with you to the gym and have the most delightful taste of your protein shake at the right moment for your body.


Going on a trip? Don’t want to lose your shakes and stuff? Well worry not for SmartBlend can easily be carried on fun trips and takes up little to no space too. Easy to handle and very convenient to use during the journey.


In order to use smart blender following few steps need to be kept in mind:

  1. It must be charged for about 2-3 hours.
  2. Make sure the base of the blender is secured or if the container needs any tightening.
  3. Add liquids of your choice e.g water, milk, yogurt etc.
  4. Slice fruits or vegetable in small pieces as to not damage the blender.
  5. After this close the lid and start the blender after placing it upside down.
  6. Gradually bring the blender to it earlier position.
  7. If you need to add ice add it later after mixing all the contents and blend again.

Please note, it is advisable not to have large pieces of fruit or vegetables, or to add ice into the blender first as this can block the blades. Apart from this there are a few other don’ts.

  1. You must not blend ice with other contents first. It should be added later.
  2. You must not put it in a dishwasher. Its charging port will get affected.
  3. Try not drinking directly from the blender as the blades may cause some sort of accident. Use a glass or cup instead.

Why SmartBlend?

SmartBlend not only offers the best and most efficient products in this niche but it is highly recommended due to following reasons:

Australian Owned

The company is 100% Australian owned. All orders are thoroughly and repeatedly inspected and shipped from their Brisbane location. They give 100% quality assurance on all their products.

Free Delivery

The company offers free Australian shipping through the Australia Post. The process is convenient in which orders come with tracking numbers so the customers can be aware of the delivery situation. Of course international shipping is subjected to charges according to the geographical region and other differences.

Hassle-Free Returns

In addition to other benefits returns and exchanges are also made very convenient. Not satisfied with the product? There is 30 day money back guarantee. Never was return and exchange this easy.

Safety & Security

Your safety and security is first and foremost so there is no illegal use of your personal information or any other data related to you.

So that is all about SmartBlend’s portable blenders from our side. Don’t believe us? well try it out for yourself and experience it goodness firsthand!




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