Secret Tips For Increasing Instagram Likes And Followers


Achieving the seguidores and likes on Instagram is not the easy task it once was. But there are some pro tips and techniques that you can apply to increase your Instagram likes and followers in a small period. Seems impossible? It’s not! Find out how. 

Spot the Correct Time to Post

Believe it or not, time is an important factor for your post, but deciding this time can become quite a headache. To avoid this, do a simple online search. It can help you correct your schedule. However, be sureonly to use the general data as a guideline and not as an absolute, and rely on your stats more. As per some surveys, posts published between 10:00 p.m. and 3 a.m. tend to get the most interaction. 

Partner with Others

This can be considered as the most important factor in increasing your followers. Begin your partnership adventure by searching for brands that your audience would like and which relates to your post’s content. Once you are sure about the brand, ask them to partner with you. If you secure a partnership, it will be a new exposure for your platform to improve your follower count. The partnership’s goal should be to promote the content of both parties so that your combined count increases.


Interact with your follower. Answer the questions, reply to their comments, hold live sessions, and repost other people’s content. Remember not to skip using hashtags and captions. Try to get in contact with the other Instagrammers and try to collaborate with them.

Use of Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in Instagram. However, the popular hashtags are often filled to the brim and will only take your content so far. Instead, go for a niche hashtag that focuses on a very specific interest. This will help promote your content to like-minded people, who, in turn, can tap into more followers for you. 

Promote On Different Social Media Platforms

How are people going to find you on Instagram? One major way to make this happen is to promote your account on other platforms, such as your blog, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. This will create awareness in many communities regarding your Instagram content. In this way, traffic can be increased. 


Instagram is not just a mere platform for uploading posts but much more than that. One can not only promote their brand but also start a business from Instagram. It is popular among both youths and oldies due to the simple yet powerful user interface. Instagram has grown rapidly and is continuing to do so. The above points justify the reason for it. When you follow the strategies for gaining followers on Instagram consistently, it can be a bliss. Hence, keep exploring the platform and be persistent. You will soon get visible results and start your business.

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